Network Monitoring Engineer

Network Monitoring Engineer

Department: Network Operations Department/NOC Unit/Network Monitoring

Working place: Baku

Line manager: HOSU Network Monitoring

Main responsibilities:

• 24/7 Mobile Network supervision and monitoring
• Fault registering, fault clearance and fault reporting to the corresponding responsible units
• Notify the relevant parties about the existing problems and provide regular update to the technical team, customer care team, company management
• Perform daily logs and status collections and preventive maintenance tasks
• Work together and direct the other Network Monitoring Shift engineers and assist the First and Second Line Maintenance resources during problems solving
• To work together, manage and support the team of monitoring engineers in daily task and activities related to Fault registering, fault clearance and fault reporting on monitored systems and elements
• Keep hierarchical subordination
• Follow to corporative policies
• Follow to position responsibilities


• University degree in telecommunications or information technologies


• Minimum 1 year in Telecommunications field

Special professional skills: 

• Knowledge of network surveillance center organizations and work processes
• Knowledge of mobile cellular systems
• Knowledge of applied application and software

Computer skills: 

• Knowledge of Microsoft OS&Office products


• Azeri, English, Russian

Personal skills Behavioral:

• Morally and psychologically steady
• Ability to think analytically, explore situation, make properly decision accordingly
• Attentiveness, diligence, responsibility, discipline
• Ability to work under pressure

Additional knowledges and skills: 

• Self-development and self-education


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