The Harmony of Sounds

The Harmony of Sounds

Training Course

11-18 March 2015 | Olbia, Italy

The Harmony of the Sounds: 25 social workers, teachers, youth leaders who are working with young people with fewer opportunities in post conflict countries (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers) will develop tools to work with music and arts.

MINE VAGANTI NGO which promotes the tolerance among young people from different cultures has the pleasure to invite to a K1 Training Course entitled “The Harmony of the Sounds” 25 social workers, teachers, youth leaders who are working with young people with fewer opportunities in post conflict countries (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers) and they are interested to work with young people to enable them with relevant knowledge and motivation for engaging in peacebuilding process and fostering the sense of solidarity and cooperation using non-formal education tools.
PLACE AND DATE: Olbia (OT), Sardinia (Italy) March 11-18, 2014 (Travel Day incl.)
PARTICIPANTS: 25 social workers, teachers, youth leaders who are working with young people with fewer opportunities in post conflict countries.
COUNTRIES: The 11 eligible countries for this project are: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria plus Italy.
At least 2 participants from each country. LANGUAGE: The working language will be English.
This mobility project (TC) will deal with the importance of reconciliation and peacebuilding process stimulating the sense of solidarity and promoting the intercultural dialogue.
The project will focus on different topics as well as will propose the participants different methodologies that can be used in order to work on the topics of the projects.
The project will mostly focus on art, in particular, music, as one of the most effective tools that can be used in this context. The project will focus on a non formal education approach based on music as a fighter against racism and discrimination of other cultures. The music is the perfect language to communicate, to live in harmony and peace. The music is a powerful tool for social change.
“The Harmony of the Sounds” is the ambitious follow up action of a Youth Exchange implemented in Sardinia in June 2013 called “Sounds Good!” granted by the previous Programme Youth in Action (2007- 2013).
As final outcomes, partners decided to create a platform of reflections targeted to professionals working with disadvantage youth in post conflict countries (refugees, migrants, asylum seekers). During a recent seminar (“Act together for equal participation” – YIA 3.1‐held in Baku and organized by Great Silk Way International Youth Union) in Azerbaijan, a representative of MVNGO had the opportunity to visit a refugee/IDP camp in Baku.
The children are studying folk music and dance in order to keep alive their tradition and identity.
Due to this strong experience was born the idea to develop a specific Training Course deliverable to professionals in the youth sector in the Caucasus and Balkans which had suffered from conflicts most during the recent past.
The overall aim of the project is to promote NFE methodologies for building the peace through music facilitating the intercultural dialogue. Through this project, we want to strengthen the ancient links between music and human being, proposing the use of music as a matter to promote the sense of cohesion among EU and neighboring countries (Caucasus and Balkans).
Young people must be the leading force in the process and that’s why by doing such activities become more skilled and motivated for actions that contribute to dialogue between the conflict affected communities and peacebuilding. Music can contribute to the establishment of a more harmonious world by joining efforts to transform reality and enhance solidarity among human beings. Music is an expressive language that allows us to communicate (both at the individual and collective levels) feelings, lived experiences and reflections about the world stemming from real life or the collective imaginary. Likewise it can increase participation.
The music is a fundamental dimension of a population who is involved in a conflict because it plays an important role: it represents our identity and our roots.
The music is often related to national culture because it commemorates historical and personal events like weddings or funerals and expresses feelings. During the project, we will discover our roots and tradition using the music and the folk dance.
This project hopes to raise awareness on the situation of modern youngsters in post conflict countries enhancing the spirit of cooperation among EU, Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan) overcoming the cultural barriers which effects their lives till ages. The project represents a unique opportunity to meet professionals in the youth fields which can impact the youth lives in their countries at different levels, widening their point of views to other countries.
We asked 2 international NFE trainers with huge experience in the youth field sector in prejudices and discrimination, Maria Grazia Pirina from MVNGO and Aydan Karimili.



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