The application process for 2014 Azerbaijan Business Case Competition has already started!
September 26, 2014
US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) is glad to announce the beginning of the application process for 2014 Azerbaijan Business Case Competition (ABCC 2014). This competition is a great opportunity for the students to prepare themselves for becoming future business leaders of Azerbaijan. Scholarships and valuable prices by the generous sponsors are guaranteed to the winners.
The history of Azerbaijan Business Case Competition (ABCC) goes back to 2002: motivated by the lack of business case analysis practice in Azerbaijan, MBA Enterprise Corps Volunteers spearheaded this project. AAA was given an exclusive right to hold and organize the ABCC. In the past, more than 500 qualified students have participated in the ABCC.
In September – December 2011 AAA organized ABCC 2011 where 25 teams representing Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, Azerbaijan State Economics University, Qafqaz University, Baku State University, and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and Azerbaijan Tourism Institute participated in the competition.
This year the project is supported by the following businesses: PASHA Bank, Azercell, BP, ExxonMobil, Procter&Gamble, Deloitte, Ernst&Young and international sponsor British American Tobacco. The academic sponsor is ADA University. The information support is
To apply for the competition the applicants are encouraged to send an e-mail to the selection committee at with “ABCC 2014 Application” as a subject. The e-mail should contain the following information: name of university, names of all 4 team members, and e-mail addresses and phone numbers of each team member.
The deadline is October 12, 2014.
About US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association
The US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that unites alumni of the State Department educational exchange programs in Azerbaijan. The AAA was established in October 2003 by a group of US-educated Azerbaijani alumni with the aim of uniting all alumni of Azerbaijan under one umbrella and using their knowledge and skills to help developing Azerbaijan. The organization is run by the board of 17 alumni, representing various State Department and USAID-funded exchange programs. Up to date, dozens of projects have been implemented.

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