Playing Europe

Playing Europe

Training Course

8-17 July 2014 | Milano, Italy

In international exchanges very often we use old games with tools used for a long time. Throughout its group of job, Pepita is always updated. It studies and creates new animated skills destinated to the youth people and not only.

Playing Europe is a training course in order to put knowledge and personal experiences about games and energizers directly addressed to the young people during international exchanges or local projects. Pepita, with its professional experience in the field of non formal education for the figures of educators and trainers, can offers a training course in order to be updated about the main youth activities.
This project will teach new games, but especially it will teach how to prepare a game, using needs and a bit of creativity, also using some simple material that all people can easily find it. Pepita will use the manuals written about educational games to improve skills of participants.
The objectives of this project are: provide new ways of involving young people; teach games specifically designed to build the group based on a specific target; providing the tools for managing the working groups and to learn how to educate young people, playing, having fun.
The most important part of the projects aimed at young people is education, but because there is not a formality, the methods to be used must be “easy going”. Precisely this is based on the need for many organizations. Often youth workers are people who have experience of participation in projects and exchanges of youth policies, but not enough to be young and to participate in activities and initiatives comparison between peers, you must have the techniques, you should be able to “educate” .
Precisely for this reason the course was studied . You want to respond to a need of many operators of various youth organizations, who must learn to transmit important messages, they must teach young people to grow up, they help kids to increase their skills. It is not enough to know how to play, it must be done with precise techniques, because the game is a vehicle for teaching.

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