Master in International Security Studies (MISS)

Master in International Security Studies (MISS)

Master in International Security Studies (MISS) is a two-year English-language Master’s degree programme, which offers students a complex guide through security, conflict and strategic studies in the context of international relations. It is taught at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences by members of the Institute of Political Studies (IPS).

The programme respects the multidisciplinary dimension of contemporary security studies but is firmly rooted in the international political aspects of the field. After initial methodological training, students will be introduced to theoretical concepts of security, conflict and strategic studies. The programme also focuses on European and transatlantic aspects of security and defence policies, regional contexts of security and conflicts, as well as specific issues of human or energy security.

Graduates of the programme are prepared to pursue careers in security-related posts in government offices and public administration, international organizations, NGOs and transnational corporations. Some might also like to pursue a doctorate and an academic career.



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