Power to Women Azerbaijan

“Power to Women!”– Empowering Women in Social, Economic and Political Participation 

Country: Five rural areas of Azerbaijan: Aran, Ganja-Qazakh, Lankaran-Astara, Quba-Khachmaz, Shaki-Zaqatala and Baku
Consortium: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Overall project value: 250,000 Euro
Duration: November 2013 to October 2015

Overall Objectives: To contribute to an inclusive and pluralistic Azerbaijan through enhanced women’s participation in democratic processes and institutions.
Specific Objective: Improve the capacity of women in the rural areas to participate in both socio economic and political life and to play an active role in the decision making process.

Result 1: Knowledge and skills of women from the target areas are strengthened in order to actively participate in decision making processes;
Result 2: Mechanism and networks are established for dialogue between women from rural areas and governmental/non-governmental representatives.


  • Study on general and specific constraints of rural women on political, social and economic participation, access to decision-making;
  • Training module development on gender equality, women empowerment and participation in community life;
  • Action plan for strengthening women participation and access to decision-making, together with female representatives of political parties;
  • Media competition on women participation and empowerment stories in local media outlets;
  • Web Platform for the exchange resources created in the framework of the project and facilitating networking among women;
  • Trainings on gender equality, women empowerment, values in local communities, women on legal rights, communication skills and participation mechanisms;
  • Guidelines for women on legal framework of political and public participation;
  • Women’s forum in Baku with participation of rural and urban women addressing social, economic and political opportunities for women;
  • Manual on basic entrepreneur skills and economic principles;
  • Training for local community women on business and entrepreneur skills;
  • Fair/exhibition of products produced by rural women entrepreneurs;

Target Groups:
Women, CSOs and journalists from the 5 rural areas, female decision makers from central and local government.

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