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Digital Mareting Training

Digital Marketing Training – Young Business Factory

Young Business Factory introduces a new training programme for people who want to get new opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing“Digital Marketing” Sahəsində yeni biliklər əldə etmək istəyənlər üçün Young Busineess Factory yeni təlim proqramını təqdim edir.Təlimin proqramı:
Modern Communication and Brand Management
Changing perspectives in brand communication
• Media exposure rates
• Social media and interesting stats on Internet technologies
• Traditional Media vs. Social Media

Trends that Shape Brandscape (Generations and Generational Differences, Industry 4.0, etc.)
• A Definitional Framework for Communication
• The Workings of the Communication Process
• Effective Communication in the Modern World
• Marketing Communication
• New Perspectives in Marketing and External Factors
• Holistic (360o) Marketing
• Brand and Consumers’ Understanding of the Concept

Product vs. Brand
• Brand Typologies
• Product, Brand and Added Value
• Basic Elements of a Brand
• Rational and Emotional Dimensions of Brand Building
• New Expectations from Brands
• Brand Management

Stages of Brand Communication Process
• Strategic Brand Building Process
• Strategic Brand Management Process
• Brand Equity
• Brand Positioning
• Important Functions of Brand Management
• Consumer Dimension in Brand Management (Customer Experience Management)

The language of the training: Turkish

The date; 20.10.2017

The training is free charge.

The information about the trainer: Bahcesehir University,the dean of the Faculty of Communication and the head of Marketing Lab at Bacesehir University Prof.Dr.Hasan Kemal SUHER

Registration link:

Address: Caspian Plasa 3rd corpus,12th Floor
Phone: (012) 492 36 67
Mobile: (055) 373 50 66

Təlimin keçiriləcəyi dil: Türk

Təlimin keçiriləcəyi vaxt: 29 Oktyabr, 14:00

Deadline: 20.10.2017

Təlim ödənişsizdir

Təlimçi haqqında:
Bahçeşehir Üniversiteti, İletişim Fakültəsi dekanı Prof.Dr.Hasan Kemal SUHER

Onlayn qeydiyyat linki:

Ünvanı: Caspian Plaza III korpus, 12-ci mərtəbə
Tel: (012) 492 36 67
Mob: (055) 373 50 66

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