Seminar on Youth Participation in Internet Governance

Deadline: 6 September 2017
Open to: national youth councils and national youth organisations
Venue: 24-26 October 2017, Strasbourg


The seminar “Youth participation in Internet Governance” will explore how participation of young people in shaping the Internet can be ensured without reproducing and creating new patterns of exclusion. It will critically review how youth participation shapes currently Internet Governance processes, as well as how it is currently reflected in and through youth policy. The seminar will formulate recommendations for future action to be taken by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, but as well as at national level through youth policy and youth work in order to support young people and their organisations meaningful participation in Internet Governance processes.

The seminar will explore how youth participation in Internet Governance can be ensured in a meaningful and inclusive manner and will formulate recommendations for future action to be taken by the Youth Department and the Council of Europe to support youth participation.

The objectives of the seminar are:

  • To develop a shared understanding of youth participation in Internet governance and analyse the achievements and pitfall of current youth participation in these processes;
  • To critically review the ways youth participation in Internet Governance is reflected in youth policy and envisage ways it should be;
  • To further explore what are the rights, the means, the spaces, the opportunities and the support required by young people in order to meaningfully participate in the shaping of the Internet;
  • To share experiences of youth participation in Internet governance fora and online youth participation at local/national/ international level, and reflect on the successes and pitfalls;
  • To elaborate policy and programme recommendations for the Youth Department and the Council of Europe that aim to support and enhance youth participation in Internet Governance.


The seminar aims to bring together 35 participants that fullfil the following profile:

  • Are representatives of national youth councils and national youth organisations already involved or motivated to become involved in national Internet Governance processes;
  • Are representatives of local/national/international youth organisations and networks actively involved in matters of youth policy and youth participation;
  • Are representatives of public authorities involved in Internet governance fora at national and/or international level;
  • Representatives of Internet services, online gaming, and other companies interested in further development of Internet governance and youth participation;
  • Show clear motivation to follow up the seminar with measures to ensure youth participation in Internet governance matters and fora;
  • Are able to work autonomously in English language;
  • Are resident in a state party to the European Cultural Convention, exceptions are possible;
  • Are able to attend the entire duration of the seminar.

The Council of Europe welcomes applications from all candidates who fullfil the above mentioned profile, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, colour, religion, belief or sexual orientation.


Board and lodging will be offered to all participants at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. The seminar sessions will also take place in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

Participants’ costs in respect to travel and visa will be covered by the Council of Europe Youth Department by bank transfer after the seminar given that the rules of the Council of Europe are strictly observed. Participants will be insured by the Council of Europe during travel and participation in the conference.

How to Apply?

In order to apply please fill the application form.

For further information, please contact Anca – Ruxandra Pandea, educational advisor, or Nina Kapoor, programme assistant,

For more information please visit the official call.


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