“YBF – Human Resources School – 4”


Young Business Factory – Human Resources School ”

Participants will learn the importance of proper preparation for a behavioral interview, understand and practice the four interview phases of a behavioral interview, discover the best techniques to select employees, and review legal and illegal interview questions. Participants will also learn about the benefits of hiring top performing employees and the financial cost of hiring mistakes.

Instructor: Lutful Kabir

Lutful Kabir is a multi­lingual professional with extensive senior management, leadership and training background with UN for about 12 years, with International NGOs (CARE, SCF‐UK, Plan International and SCF‐USA) for about 16 years, and with Academic Institutions (ATI, ADAU and AU) for about 5 years, in South Asia, South‐east Asia, Africa, South Caucasus and Central Asia. He has undertaken numerous consultancy assignments, successfully established several country/program offices, trained national and international staff-persons of numerous organizations/institutions and managed large program and operational budgets. Teaching Development Management, Resource Mobilization, Program Management, TOT, and HICD (Human & Institutional Capacity Development) are Lutful’s core competences. On numerous occasions, Lutful had worked as advisor/trainer for WB, ADB, USAID, OSCE, EU, DRC, NRC, numerous INGOs and UN agencies on various aspects of their works. Currently Lutful is training the employees of BEGOC (European Game: Baku-2015) on behalf of ADA University.

He holds a MDM (Master in Development Management) from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines and a BSc (H) Degree from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. He also received a Post‐graduate Diploma (MA equivalent) on General Management (focused on HRM & PM) from BMDC, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Lutful is also a qualified OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) Expert. Lutful has authored several HR/Administrative Policy & Procedure Manuals, M & E Guide‐ book and NGO Manual during the 33 years of his professional career. He is the Chief Author of a widely used Community Development Manual (published in Azerbaijan in 1999).


How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand HR’s role as a vital contributor to your organization’s success
  • Discover strategies to attract and retain top talent
  • Analyze HR issues and develop action plans you can implement in your organization
  • Basic steps of a thorough orientation process
  • How HR can help supervisors manage their direct reports’ performance
  • What to do when a performance management program needs adjusting
  • Talent Acquisition & Interviewing
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Conducting a Behavioral Interview
  • Evaluating Candidates
  • Legal Considerations
  • A useful historical review of personnel/HR
  • HR’s role in today’s workplace and beyond
  • HR as a strategic business partner
  • Key functional HR tasks in any organization
  • HR functional responsibilities in small, midsized and large organizations
  • How HR relates to non-HR functions
  • HR, non-HR and shared employee-related functional activities
  • HR trends and challenges
  • Key issues of employment concern for HR practitioners
  • Matching applicants with job requirements and responsibilities
  • Selection criteria, questioning techniques and background research
  • Orientation and assimilation
  • Current employment-related trends and challenges
  • Critical learning points


Staffing and Recruitment Practices

This training provides an overview of the hiring process and how to implement one in your company. We will address:

  • Time and money-saving ways of finding qualified candidates
  • Steps to take once you have found a potential new employee
  • How to get your hiring managers to follow your plan
  • How to link your hiring plans with your company’s strategic goals


YBF –Human Resources Included:

  • Program course 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  • Business Lunch
  • Coffee Break
  • Human Resources Practices
  • Program Materials
  • International YBF Certificate
  • Recommendation letter


Training Fee: 85 AZN (We have group discounts)


Training Date: 1 November  2015


Training place: YBF – Caspian Plaza III 14th Floor



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